Perma-eHub, makes digital easy.

Enhancing the learning experience.

Choose an access model:

Free MARC records

Click-through URLs provide direct access to digital content. Perma-Bound Books provides free MARC records to be imported into an existing circulation system to promote digital content alongside print.

A landing page just for your digital collection

With a custom URL, students and teachers can access the school's digital resources, bought from Perma-Bound Books, on eHub. Add the Perma-eHub URL to the school's website and bookmark on PCs.

Organize and Personalize

It only takes a few minutes to have eHub up and running. Here are a couple ways to customize eHub:

Use tags to promote reading themes

Tag titles with custom terms to create meaningful groupings of titles. Students can explore tags with one click.

Tune your checkout and hold limits

Starting with a small digital collection, or perhaps teachers are requesting extra checkout flexibility as they explore new ways to use ebooks. Whatever be the case, set explicit limits by user role to fit the demands on the school's digital resources.

Empower your students with a full-featured digital reader

In a web browser or using the app, the reading environment is provided with all the tools students need to make the most of ebooks.

Annotation tools

Highlight, underline, and export passages

Enhanced table of contents

Navigate chapters with one click or tap


Your notes and progress available across all your devices


Read without a network connection
(requires free app)

Built-in dictionary

Define words and phrases with an in-reader dictionary


Add your own sticky-notes anywhere on a page

Two-Page display

View multi-page spans as the publisher intended

A player built with audiobooks in mind

With features geared specifically for audiobooks, details make a difference.

Multiple playback speeds

Listen to audiobooks at your own pace
(iOS only, coming soon to Android)


Skip back or ahead in 15-sec increments with one tap

AirPlay support

Simple audio routing to supported wireless speakers
(iOS only)


Stay informed with automatic reporting

What’s popular this week? Are all your students making the most out of your digital collection? With our built-in reporting, you’ll always have the answer at hand.

Always know where you stand on licensing

Unlike the physical world, digital availability is not as simple as knowing what is on the shelves. With titles often licensed for a fixed duration or limited number of checkouts, it’s difficult to stay on top of titles about to expire. With eHub's subscription dashboard, a 30-second checkup will help planning for upcoming renewals.